Tencent Gaming Buddy Latest-2020 (PUBG Emulator)

Tencent gaming buddy is a Emulator

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Tencent gaming buddy is a Emulator .Here you can play all of your Android game on pc.Tencent is specially made for PUBG(Players Unknown Battleground).PUBG is the most popular game still now.Here you can control your game with mouse and keyboard.This is a great advantages for competitive gameplay.Tencent offer better control than any other Emulaton on market.Both High-end and Low-end specification pc work well with Tencent.But a Dual-core processor is must need for this
Tencent offers you a great recording system so that you can stream your gameplay. A full screen mode also be very helpful for better view.Switch between HD, Full-HD or Ultra-HD while using the Tencent Gaming Buddy.Both English and Chinese language makes it a very user friendly emulator.Tencent contains a default keymapping So it is very helpful for user.

How to Install Tencent Gaming Buddy on 2GB Ram?

You can simply go to their official site for download tencent buddy.But unfortunately you cant run PUBG mobile on it without crashing.So if you want to play PUBG on your pc with 2GB ram , The answer is “NO“.


If you want to download Tencent gaming Buddy Emulator from Apkpure . You can simply go here and download .But Downloading from official site is recomanded.

Diffrence between Tencent and Gameloop:

Gameloop is basically a rebranded version of Tencent.Gameloop is also a gaming platform of all kind of android game.But DEvelopers ensure that in future people can also play PC games in Gameloop.Gameloop also have innoated AOW engine and Anti-Cheat system.They also optimized the whole platform, making it flatter, bolder, and more user-friendly.

Diffrence Between International Version And VNG version:

  • Vng version is mainly on English but it can be changed on VNG Language.
  • Vng and International versions have diffrent server based on their version but VNG versions player can play in international server.
  • There are skin and material diffrence in both version.
  • Both versions have diffrent payment system.

How to Change Wallpaper on Tencent Gaming Buddy?

1.Open Tencent Gaming Buddy
2.Open browser and Download Wallpaper google app.
3.Open app and select a wallpaper.
Wallpape will be changed.

How to launch Browser on Tencent?

when you launch Tencent Gaming Buddy,PUBG mobile autometically opend.All you have to do that cancel opening by clicking cancel button on right side.Then you will land on Homepage of Tencent.Then simply press Ctrl+F9 and you will se the Setting and Browser.
But sometimes F9 button don’t work properly.Then Firstly we have to press fn+esc .Then press Ctrl+F9 and browser will show.

How to use Gyroscope on Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Using Gyroscope is only for mobile.Beacuse you have to tilt or move your device to use Gyroscope.But moving a Pc when playing game is quit impossible.So you can’t use Gyroscope on your Tencent emulator.

Keys Not Working in Tencent Problem Fix:

1.First Go to the game and find the settings.
2.Then Choose the controls and select customize.
3.Click on Reset.
4.Click save.
5.Go to the Tencent Gaming Buddy keymap settings.
6.The KeyMapping Mode and the Gaming Resolution should be the same.
7.Lastly Click reset and then save.


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