Coronavirus Update| Italy, Cure, Death Toll

Coronavirus Update| Italy,Cure,Death Toll

Coronavirus are mainly a group of virus.They cause disease mainly in mammals and birds.But in humans Coronavirus cause a mild infections (respiratory tract infections).But SARS-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2) is the cause for COVID-19(Coronavirus disease-19) which is can be lethal.

Name Comes From

The name of Coronavirus comes from Latin word Corona and Greek word (korṓnē, “garland, wreath“)meaning crown or halo.


Realm: Riboviria
Phylum: Incertae sedis

Coronavirus Outbreak (2019-2020)

SARS-CoV-2 virus is the reason of this outbreak.It start from December,2019.In Wuhan(the capital of Hubei<China) ,it was first sen.Till today(26 Feb,2020) 81,191 cases has been confirmed in 41 countries.Including outside of China 2768 people died for coronavirus.But 30,281 people also recovered from it.It is a Infectious/Contagious disease .

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus mainly acute respiratory infection. Though it is mild but can be lethal. The main symptoms of Coronavirus is Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath. It can be the reason of Pneumonia and Kidney failure.

Coronavirus Update today (27 Feb,2020)

Coronavirus Update| Italy,Cure,Death Toll
Coronavirus Update today (27 Feb,2020)

Look at the nucleus wealth site which I’ve found to have some interesting graphs. It is unique to it I’m going to scroll all the way down here to the bottom. Here they talk about the mortality rate or the case fatality rate. We’ve talked about there is a bit of a delay in measuring what the total cases are right now compared to what the total deaths are right now.

There’s been a question about whether you should delay the mortality accounts and look back four days eight days or 12 days.

It depends on how long it takes somebody an average to die from the onset and in looking at those. It’s interesting that if you look at all the cases outside of Wuhan in the rest of China. You can see here that if you look at a full 12 days out that the mortality rate or case fatality rate reaches around the same asymptote as if you look at eight days versus. If you look at four days and that’s just under 1%. If you look at who Bay province which is where Wuhan is and you do the same sort of analysis. It all settles out again but not at just below 1% but just below 5%. This kind of makes sense if you think about the fact that inside who Bay. Here most of the cases were their health care industry is going to be more overwhelmed. Therefore, perhaps have a higher case fatality rate.

coronavirus in Italy (27 Feb,2020)

  • Italy infections jump to 330, 7 dead

On the 26th a couple of interesting things here what’s going on in Italy Of course in China things seem to be not rising as fast and in Italy. Things seem to be climbing pretty rapidly. China putting cities in lockdown, Italian authorities are also doing similar things. Sealing off the worst-affected towns closing schools halting the carnival in Venice. China’s actions especially in Wuhan the epicenter of the outbreak probably prevented hundreds of thousands of cases said the head of the w-h-o. Delegation in China Bruce Wayward the rest of the world to learn from the lesson of acting fast they’re at a point now. Here the number of cure people coming out of the hospitals each day is more than the sick going in.

Note: Coronavirus is spreading too fast.Maintain every rules and regulation to stay away from this disease.Stay tuned to our site.We are giving you the lates informations and updates about Coronavirus.

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