Coronavirus Update |Blood Type

coronavirus bloodtype

People with A type blood may be more vulnerable to infection . But the O type blood group are more resistsnt,according to a priliminary study in China contracted with disease ,Covid-19.

Some researchers of China took Blood samples of 2000+ patients.They were infected with Coronavirus in wuhan and Shenzhen.Then researchers compared them to local healthy peoples.They notice that Blood type A patients are showing higher rate of infection.

The Medical researchers said the study of blood group was priliminary and they have to do more research.

Researcher led by Wang Xinghuan with the Centre for Evidence-Based and Translational Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University said that ,” People of Blood group A need more protetion to reduce the chance of infection”.

According to a paper they published , Blood group O had a lower risk for the infection compared with non-O Blood group”.

Death rate

In Wuhan 206 people was died from Covid-19.Here 85 has the blood group type A.It is 63% more than 52% with type O.This pattern existed across diffrent Age ang Gender.


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