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The Importance of Organizational Design

Creating an organizational structure is a deliberate and strategic process. It involves configuring structures, processes and people practices to support an organization’s mission. Using data and analytics, organizations can design the most efficient and effective ways to operate. The design of an organization can have a significant impact on the lives of people inside and

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Small, Medium, and Enterprise (SME)

SMEs, or small and medium enterprises, are an important part of the economy, and are usually given incentives for financing. They are usually characterized by the use of labor-intensive techniques and a small upfront capital investment. They also build a strong relationship with local customers, and tend to stay in the local area longer than

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Creating and Maintaining an Organizational Culture

Creating and maintaining an organizational culture is an important part of an organization’s success. A good company culture can enhance retention, increase productivity, and improve employee wellness. While there are several factors that can influence an organization’s culture, the most important are values, norms, and beliefs. Culture is also affected by industry and community involvement.

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