Best Way of Finding a Job | 9 Smart ways

best way of finding a job

There’s no denying it – finding out employment really may be a full-time job in itself, and unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier as you get older!

Feeling like you are going round in a circle and getting nowhere with it? Sometimes, it may be helpful to require a step back and really have faith in your approach before bashing out the job applications.

Taking a unique angle can provide you with a fresh boost of confidence if you are feeling in a very rut, and hopefully land you that chance you have been searching for!

Yes, the times of sticking it out with a similar company for many years appear to be over. It seems that even those people who love our careers still switch things up every few years.

So, with all this transitioning from job to job, and with a lot of new graduates entering the labor pool every year, the question “How do I find a job?” is on tons of minds.

Of course, the method of finding a job is different for every one amongst us. And tons depends on the industry also . Our team did some research by asking companies and recruiters for his or her insights on the most effective strategies to assist people get hired faster.

It’s clear that digital technology is playing a large part in shaping trends in recruitment, which is leading job searchers online. More and more companies want to automate the method by employing a kind of media to search out and screen qualified people.

This means that finding jobs through Social Media platforms are increasing in popularity. Of course, old-fashioned in-person networking remains a valuable strategy to job searchers also .

1.Online Networking

No surprise here. most of the people start searching for employment by typing keywords into a web search engine. And after you search something like “marketing analyst job London” you’ll instantly be pushed within the right direction.

Google itself has its own job search platform in order that once you enter terms just like the one above, you’ll see postings from organizations hiring for positions with similar keywords.

Online search also will lead you to platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, which are job-specific content aggregators. These sites gather relevant job ads from across web supported your search terms.

In some cases you’ll apply directly for these jobs through the platform. Or you’ll be directed to the hiring organization’s website

2.Social Media Channels

LinkedIn is that the social media channel for professionals. you’ll use it to spot and connect with people round the world working for companies or in industries where you’d also prefer to work. Many organizations also post jobs on LinkedIn, and it’s quite common for skilled people to receive recruitment messages on the platform.

Companies also will post opportunities on Twitter and Facebook, so if you’ve got specific companies in mind, you’ll want to “follow” them on social media in order that you get notified of those openings.

If you’re using social media channels to search out a job, you’ll want to make sure your profiles are consistent, updated and reinforce a positive professional image. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use your real name on your profiles.
  • Only use professional images .
  • Make an audit of your accounts and take away the posts or images that are inappropriate or unprofessional.
  • Delete the profiles on the websites that you simply aren’t using anymore regularly.
  • “Brand” yourself consistently across all the platforms. you would like people to understand
  • who you’re , what you are doing and what are your career plans.

3.Talk to Friends and Family

Staff referral is one among the foremost popular methods used for recruitment by employers, as companies often favor to hire someone who their trusted employees can vouch for.

Take advantage of this by asking around friends and family who work in industries you want to explore. this may often lead to you finding out about vacancies before the competition do, and instantly puts you at a bonus if someone can recommend you!

4.Job Fairs

Job fairs are specially popular for companies looking to recruit new graduates. to induce the foremost of a job fair and get hired after, consider the subsequent advice:

  • Most job fairs will advertise the businesses that are participating before time, so do your research before time on companies you would like to speak to and have a customized resume and cover letter to present them.
  • Create your own card that has your name, email, telephone number and optionally your website, blog or LinkedIn account. If you’re employed in a very creative industry, bring work samples from your portfolio that you simply can swank.
  • Have an influence outfit for the work fair. check that you select the proper clothing style, which should be professional and comfy.
  • Make a list of questions for the recruiters. this may show that you simply are prepared and hooked in to the job and can increase the probabilities of them remembering you.
  • Practice your personal pitch to form a robust first impression. it’s important that you simply show great communication skills through your introduction and by maintaining eye contact.
  • Follow up with the recruiters from the businesses you want to join for. If you’ve got their contacts, send them a many thanks email or connect with them on LinkedIn.

5.Expand Your Search and Your Mind

Particularly because of technology, the job market is consistently evolving at such a pace that there are tons of jobs out there that you’ve got probably never even heard of – which didn’t exist back once you were talking to your careers counsellor in school.

For example, You know what a UX designer is? How a few Content Marketer, a Backend Developer or a Growth Hacker? It’s worth putting some research into this, as you would possibly find that when you get past the unfamiliar names, these are roles you would be curious about trying out.

Choosing to travel down a less traditional career path may also mean less competition, and you would possibly find there are more opportunities available if you expand your horizons and begin staring at more niche positions.

6.What About Job Websites?

Some people have a collection of ideal companies in mind that they might wish to work. Targeting specific companies is really a very popular job search strategy. And it may be effective if you approach it the proper way.

Obviously, if you’ve created a list of preferred companies, you’ll want to go to their websites to ascertain if they need advertised jobs. If they are doing not have openings at the instant , find a person’s resources contact and reach out them. Politely invite more information about possible future vacancies.

Keep in mind that you simply also can use the company’s website as a search tool for identifying contacts outside of human resources who can make hiring decisions. as an example , try connecting with someone within the specific area or department where you’d wish to work as a part of your networking effort.

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7.Try an Internship

This is particularly a decent option if you are taking our suggestion from tip number four on board and trying out some unchartered territory within the job market. If a grip is unfamiliar, it is vital you get an opportunity to do it out before you opt if it’s for you.

At Save the student, we’re against unpaid internships as we’re of the idea that nobody should got to work for free of charge , but use your own judgement on this one.

If you think that you’d have the benefit of getting a bit of work experience before deciding if a particular career is that the right path for you, maybe offering to try to to a month unpaid at a pleasant company would work well. should you choose a position without a salary, inspect our guide to surviving in an unpaid internship.

However, know your rights when it involves internships, as unfortunately some companies will benefit of youngsters looking to kick-start their career by making them work a full-time position without paying up.

Paid internships are really common recently. Although they do not pay much, you’ll develop invaluable skills, experience, and contacts relating on to your preferred business and industry which will be extremely useful later. Either that, or if the position goes particularly well, you would possibly even get a job out of it!

8.Apply Directly to Targeted Companies

You should spend a decent portion of some time finding companies that fit what you would like to be doing in your career, and apply directly via email or via their “Careers” page.

This includes companies that are hiring, but also companies who aren’t hiring.

Your odds of hearing back from an organization that doesn’t appear to be hiring are lower, but you’ll have virtually no competition if they are doing reply and show interest in your background.

So aim for a combination, maybe 70% companies who are hiring, and 30% companies who don’t appear to be hiring or don’t have a job that matches your background listed on their site.

Reasons Companies Might Interview You even though a circular Wasn’t Posted

They were planning on posting a relevant job soon, and you caught them at the correct time (you’d be amazed what proportion luck goes into a job search. this will absolutely happen)
They’re growing fast and need talented people normally. Many growth-stage companies are always searching for ambitious talent, and if you go out of your way to email them even once they don’t have employment posted, you’ll definitely get their attention!

9.Become Your Own Boss

Best Way of Finding a Job
Be your own boss

Many students and graduates often feel discouraged from starting their own business because of risk or the shortage of security it offers.

Although becoming your own boss can appear to be a scary move, if you’ve got a big idea and therefore the motivation to push it then this might be the best move you ever make.

There are a growing number of organisations and websites designed specifically to assist young entrepreneurs succeed at business. inspect Smarta and Shell LiveWire for excellent advice and support on beginning .

If after the primary year you choose it’s not for you, then that’s something valuable you’ve learned for all times and (hopefully) you’ll haven’t any regrets in having tried. it’ll also look amazing on your CV!

Final thought

In our modern and dynamic job market, finding your dream job might require a mix of the above methods. Being flexible in your approach and trying new techniques will assist you cast a large net and increase your chances of getting hired.


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