20 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combination


So you’re looking to induce into freshwater fishkeeping…

First off, congratulations! Fishkeeping are often a tremendous , enjoyable hobby. I even have been keeping fish for nearly 15 years and still learn new things each day.

Secondly, you’re already off on the correct foot by researching. Way too many of us walk into the pet store with no previous knowledge and buy fish that they aren’t prepared to stay – only to possess them die days later.

In this guide, we’ll walk you though many of the simplest freshwater aquarium fish for beginners and experts alike, also as the way to started your first aquarium the proper way.

1.Glass Catfish


The glass catfish is an incredibly unique fish.It lacks scales.It has a dorsal fin , and whole body pigmentation. They’re as see-through as jellyfish, apart from their bones. While this may freak some people out, most find it incredibly fascinating

Glass catfish require schools of 6 or more and do best in heavily planted and heavily decorated aquariums. They have a skittish nature, and without a proper amount of hiding areas, they will be constantly stressed, especially in a community tank.

These catfish are more sensitive to fluctuations in water parameters, primarily hardness and pH, so be sure to acclimate this fish to their new home slower than you would with other fish. In addition, large water changes over 50% may cause undue stress, so it is best to change around 30% weekly, depending on your nitrate level. They are not picky eaters, nor do they have any other complex requirements, so a dedicated beginner would be able to successfully keep this unique species.

2.Bettas (Bettasplendens)


Majority of beginners chooses this viral, vibrantly colored simplest species of all for his or her hassle-free maintenance and its aquarium doesn’t even require any filters or heaters. they’re easy to require care and may be kept in small aquariums with other fish species safely. Bettas belong to the Gourami family and are highly territorial.
Bettas usually live 2 – 3 years, but it can extend further in some cases. They grow to max. 3 inch in size. It requires an omnivorous diet with high protein and fiber consisting of Artemia salina , dried bloodworms or daphnia. Male Bettas are very notorious fighters; therefore only single male Betta should be kept in each tank.

3.Oscar Fish (Astronotus ocellatus)

oscar fish

It is the favourable tropical aquarium fish for home aquariums. This big sized fish of around 35 cms of length needs a minimum 30 gallons tank for proper care. The hassle-free Oscar care also requires clean water with the temperature varying between 74°C to 81°C to strengthen their system and stop many diseases.

Native to South America, this fish is usually peaceful, hold the personality and quick in recognizing strangers. They live up to 10 years. Though it likes live food but eats flakes when young. Sometimes they also eat tank mates of smaller size. they like a tank with rock ledges, and live plants don’t last long in their tank because of their habit of digging.

4.Platy (Poecilia)


The small yet active Platies are very famous because it’s effortless to require care of them and comes in every color you’ll imagine. Poecilia family has around 170 species of various , colorful fishes. they’re very peaceful and great community lover to travel well along swordtails, mollies, and guppies. They carry eggs inside the body and spawns ready-to-swim entirely formed juveniles almost like them.

The size of the fish is 1.5-2.5 inches and females are usually larger than males. They live about 3-4 years. Platies are omnivorous, but aside from meats, they must need much of herbivorous food and preferably a decent mixture of proteins and plant-based diet.

5.Harlequin rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

Harlequin rasbora

This small, magnificent fish are going to be a decent tank mate for every freshwater aquarium fish mentioned above. This fish is popular among aquarists for its small size, good temperament and on top of that, it’s not demanding. It grows up to 2 inches long , and therefore the lifespan is about 3-4 years. there’s a black spot on its brightly colored body that goes well with its name.

Harlequin rasbora likes swimming and requires much space, so it’s better to put them in a school during a spacious tank. they’re really peaceful one and might be maintained with fish like tetra, gourami, and betta as long as they’re not large and a predator.

6.Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna)

Sailfin Molly

These are stunning livebearers that originated from southern and central parts of people. Mollies can stay in either salt or freshwater and like to dwell in densely planted aquariums with proper illumination. They wish to prey on algae but you’ll also feed them with flakes, boiled spinach or other fish food specially meant for them.

Mollies can stay in both freshwaters also as salt water, depending on the way they’re acclimatized. These fish require a well-lit tank with many live plants. Mollies are never aggressive towards other tank mates.

Although there are various sorts of mollies, the foremost common freshwater aquarium fish type are the tiny finned mollies. Mollies are the simplest variety to breed as they’re not choosy during breeding and breed with any quite molly. The recommended temperature for mollies is 75-80 degree Fahrenheit . Mollies are considered mid-level swimmers, and it’s better to furnish with plants that help them to cover .

7.Plecostomus (Hypostomus plecostomus)


These are tropical aquarium fish.These are belongs to the Loricariidae family. There are around 150 sorts of Plecostomus, commonly called plecos, which range from peaceful to aggressive varieties. The foremost common sort of catfish is that the armored one. It grows up to 24 inches and features a lifespan of 10-15 years.

However, beginners can choose smaller plecos which will be accommodated in a very tank size of 10 gallons. They’re nocturnal in habit. the bulk of plecos are brown in color, and their body coloration depends on the environment.

Plecos are mostly from South America and also found to exist in both salt and freshwaters. Please put on your mind that plecos can grow from 2-4 inches to a huge size very quickly.

8.Rainbowfish (Melanotaeniidae)


Rainbowfish is local fish ofPapua New Guinea , Indonesia, and Australia. They thrive in lakes, rivers, and swamps. They thrive well in aquariums where the temperature of water remains 74-78 degree Fahrenheit and have a minimum of 30 gallons of water. just in case your aquarium is kept below 74 degrees Fahrenheit, then you need to use Aqueon aquarium for increasing the temperature.

Rainbowfish are peaceful and active behavior-wise and may be kept well with larger tetras, rasboras, catfish danios, and other non-aggressive cichlids. The males have vibrant colors and vie for the females during breeding. However, breeding of those fish may be a difficult task.

The rainbowfish prey on color flakes, aquean tropical flakes, spirulina flakes, and also betta treat. you want to feed the fish whatever they will complete in 2 minutes. Rotating the fish food are often best for them.

9. Killifish (Austrolebias affinis)


Killifish is one among the vibrantly colored. it is a beautifully patterned freshwater aquarium fish. the priority level for keeping these fishes depends from easy to difficult and varies consistent with species. they’re vividly colored and have a lifespan of three months to 5 years.

Carnivorous naturally , Killifish grows up to 2.9 cms long in a tank with a minimum of 20 gallons of water. The tank water should be 72- 75 degree Fahrenheit with 120-160 ppm hardness. The tank set-up is extremely simple with a bare floor, having a minimal light setting and also sponge filter.

They are slender and pike-shaped which makes them great swimmers. With larger dorsal and anal fins, Killifish are good community fish and blend well with other peaceful species like neon tetras and rummy nose tetras. They inhabit in a very sizable amount of places including salt water and also tank water environment.

10.American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)

american flag fish

This colorful Killifish immediately caught my eye once I first saw it in a very small local fish store.

Not only is that the american flagfish pretty, but also, as I’ve mentioned in another article of mine, it can watch out of the accumulated algae.

They usually grow up to around 2.2 inches, so you’ll accompany a 10+ gallon tank.

The males have stronger coloration and it’s as a result of them this species got its name.

Supposedly, the male Flagfish’s coloration may be a resemblance of the American flag (a resemblance that my imagination still can’t quite captivate to the present day).

Females aren’t that saturated with different colors, but they also look attractive in their own way.

Remember that the colours , like all fish, are ravishing only you’re taking proper look after these guys.

If you create sure that you’ve provided the right water condition and if the Flagfish isn’t stressed , it’ll swank the sweetness it carries.

Bear in mind that the males may get a bit territorial and aggressive.
To avoid that in small tanks you’ll choose 1 male and a couple of females.
In case you would like over 1 male, confirm that there’s a bigger group within the aquarium .

This way they’re going to establish a hierarchy , which establishes a frontrunner and significantly reduces aggression.

The american flagfish is curious naturally and so enjoys an abundance of hiding spaces.

They love it when their habitat contains some rocks, roots, and driftwood.

They also appreciate planted tanks, but confirm you don’t place soft-leaved aquatic plants, because the fish might eat the leaves.

11.Angelfish – PterophyllumBy Aquinas Silva


With its uncommon body shape and beautiful color varieties, Angelfish often play the “highlight of a freshwater tank” role.

If you would like to feature a spectacular fish in your 29+ gallon community tank, you’ll choose one among those beauties.

Angelfish when reaching adulthood, get territorial and aggressive.
In a 29 gallon tank, you shouldn’t add quite one.

In a bigger tank, you’ll have a pair, but these make monogamous mated pairs tend to induce even more defensive.

They feel best in planted tanks with hiding places.

Their compatibility with other fish varies.

Generally, you’ll avoid fish small enough to suit in their mouth and fin nippers.

12. Chili Rasbora – Boraras brigittae

chilli rasbora

The chili rasbora may be a great schooling fish that loves planted aquariums with some driftwood in it.

They are tiny and can reach a maximum one inch, but they have the arrogance of a 4+ inch fish.

They love swimming around.They have strong red coloration which stands out beautifully on the green background of a well-planted aquarium .
They look great in smaller nano community aquariums, but also 12 or more chillis contribute to a fairly exotic view in a very larger 55+ gallons because the school creates mesmerizing red veil flattering the general sight.

If you would like a multicolored tank with cool yet small fish in it you’ll definitely consider a school of Mosquito Chili Rasboras.

13. Full-Platinum Albino Guppy – Poecilia reticulata

full patinum albino guppy

Platinum Albino guppies have this soft and mild look and feel to them.

They contribute to a really gorgeous aquarium while providing a way of calm.

Guppies, generally , are often found in many pretty bright colors, with different fin types making them real visual percept .

If you’re a beginner within the hobby, guppies are a really good option for your first aquarium .
They feel best in groups of 6 and more.

This is excellent for you as you’ill be ready to keep differently colored guppies within the same tank together.

They will complement one another look-wise and can even be happy.

Females should outnumber males. As platies, guppies are livebearers, so expect them to be raising in number over time.

Even if you’ve got a 10-gallon tank you’ll keep 5-6 beautiful guppy fish in it.

14.Black Molly – Poecilia sphenops

black molly

Black mollies appreciate the planted aquarium and appearance incredibly sharp when fixing one.

They stand out really nicely on the luxurious green background.

Apart from their looks, Black Mollies have unproblematic behavior .They are rather hardy and it makes them a fitting choice for beginners.

Bear in mind that just in case you retain 2 or more males within the tank, females should definitely outnumber them a minimum of twice.
Another great quality of the black Molly is that it eats algae.

So it can actually do maintenance in your tank.

Here’s a friendly tip – the contrast created by black mollies in a very tank with some brightly colored tank mates is really eye-pleasing.

15.Flowerhorn cichlid – hybrid species

flowerhorn cichlid

The Flowerhorn cichlid may be a unique cichlid hybrid that immediately draws attention with its bright colors.

When it becomes mature, it grows this spectacular nuchal kok (the exotic-looking bump Of their head).

The Flowerhorn is taken into account the foremost colorful cichlid species.

Thanks to their selective breeding these cichlids have a heavily diversified coloration all across their bodies.

Fun fact: there’s a belief that if you have a Flowerhorn Cichlid in your home you’ll be able to change your luck and convey yourself prosperity and peace.
Most Flowerhorns grow up to 12 inches, but a number of them can reach up to 16 inches counting on the hybrid species. due to their size, they require large tanks.

Those fish are aggressive and it’s best for them to be kept alone.
If you continue to want to undertake a couple of tank mates with Flowerhorns – you’ll .

But bear in mind that the tank should be a minimum of 175gallons.

There should be enough space and hiding spots because most acceptable tank mates also are territorial.

A Flowerhorn fish can develop a powerful relationship with its owner.
If you’re taking proper take care of this outstanding buddy, it’ll interact with you, show excitement when seeing you and even allow you to pet it.

So just confirm it’s doing well and isn’t stressed and it’ll swank its beautiful colors and personality.

16.Checkerboard Discus

checkerboard discus

The Checkerboard Discus is a good looking freshwater aquarium fish. It will excite your visual senses with its bright color.

Not only its exotic coloration but also the form of the discus fish’s body is sort of the sight.

You can find it in a very huge palette of various hues and make an impressive single specimen tank. They love being in groups of a minimum of 6 and females should outnumber males.

Discus fish are to be kept in high temperatures and wish frequent water changes.

If you’re a novice within the hobby and you think that that Discus are going to be your first fish ever – consider . you ought to do proper research and be prepared to place within the effort in raising these beauties.
This applies to a degree to each fish, but still…

Discus like planted aquariums. The live plants should be tolerant to the heat as Discus are tropical freshwater fish.

The Anubias plant is an often recommended choice.

A discus-based aquarium are often one among the foremost attractive setups within the freshwater fishkeeping hobby.



Goldfish are the foremost popular freshwater aquarium fish of all time (by far). Much to the surprise of most beginner aquarists, Goldfish are available a lot of different varieties and colours (many of which are very easy to keep).

Much like Betta fish, the thought that Goldfish can sleep in bowls is totally wrong. actually , Goldfish tanks should be a minimum of 20-30 gallons.

Besides the marginally large minimum tank size, Goldfish are extremely easy to stay and had best in a very wide selection of conditions, making them the right beginner fish. That said, they like a cooler environment than most tropical aquarium fish (68-75°F), in order that they tend to try to to best in goldfish-only tanks. Goldfish also had best on an easy flake food diet, so no special feeding is required.

18.Red Cherry Shrimp


Red Cherry Shrimp aren’t technically fish, but they’re interesting nonetheless. Small, colorful, and simple to stay , Red Cherries are the foremost popular freshwater aquarium shrimp out there.

While most shrimp are especially sensitive to water conditions, Red Cherries are selectively bred for hardiness. That said, Red Cherry Shrimp still require good water conditions to thrive. additionally , Cherry Shrimp are best kept in shrimp-only tanks – otherwise, they typically become an unfortunate snack for hungry fish.

19.Cherry Barb


If you’re trying to find a colourful aquarium fish, Cherry Barbs are hard to beat. These bright-red Barbs and not only eye catching and energetic, but also very easy to worry for.

One great point about Cherry Barbs is that they’re even as content by themselves as they’re in community tanks with other fish. Although they’re generally peaceful and obtain along side other species, these Barbs are often a touch skittish when kept around more aggressive fish.

Overall, Cherry Barbs are an excellent beginner fish that add a way of liveliness to any aquarium they reside in.

20. Blood Parrot Cichlid

blood parrot cichlid

This perpetually smiling fish often look quite adorable, though they will be aggressive. However, they’re an artificially created species, and although they need to act aggressively towards another fish, their deformed mouths prevent them from doing so.

Their entire bodies are a medium pink to red color and are misshapen in comparison to other fish. they have a tendency to be very round, with a definite separation between the top and therefore the body. While the looks of this fish, including their permanently cute faces, can freak some people out, it’s aesthetically appealing to people .

Since they’re unable to act aggressively towards other fish, they are doing alright in community settings. Blood parrots need many hiding areas to feel secure and establish a territory. They also wish to dig around within the substrate and rearrange some decorations, so make certain that there’s nothing too sharp or rough the tank. Blood parrots have adorable personalities to match their adorable faces and are fascinating to observe .


You could own tons of unique fish which will assist you create a stunning tank.

If you set within the effort to line up nice aquascape and ensure a healthy environment for your pet fish, it’ll pay off.

Happy fish show their pretty colors more.They also develop fun personalities.

You can only have one centerpiece species in your freshwater aquarium and still achieve fascinating results and therefore the coolest aquarium .

Sometimes, especially when it involves a number of the more aggressive vibrant species that I’ve mentioned above – quality overshadows quantity


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