Ancient Viruses are Waking Up

ancient viruses are waking up infonests
ancient viruses are waking up infonests

Glacier and permafrost are the world’s natural freezers. The dead bodies of thousand years ago are still covered in ice.Today, due to global warming, glaciers and permafrost have begun to melt.Although animals are dead, viruses and bacteria are dormant. As a result of the melting of the ice, the viruses, bacteria started to come alive.

Scientists have named the microorganism as time travel virus . In 2015, some researchers from China and the United States of America conducted research on the Tibetan melting glacier. At 1500-year-old Glacier, they collected specimens by digging holes 154 feet deep. Later in the lab tests, a total of 33 types of viruses were found in the sample. Of these, 28 viruses are quite new to modern science.

A 12-year-old boy has died in the Tundra area of ​​Siberia on 2016. Some people were hospitalized as well. They mainly suffered from frozen anthrax. Scientists also found mercury reserves in Permafrost, Alaska. Which is extremely harmful to human health.

ancient virus

As the warming increases, all the glaciers and permafrost on the earth will melt. Then the virus will be mixed with harmful substances in the water. As a result, humans and other animals will be easily attacked. The world power is failing to control only one virus “Corona“.

What will be the situation if different virus attacks occur in different parts of the world at the same time?

Climate change is leading us to a mass extinction. If global warming does not take hold right now, the consequences will be dire.time to be more concerned about global warming.


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